Northern Lawyers Forum Threatens Legal Action Against FG For Kaduna Bombing

A group of concerned Northern Lawyers Forum has strongly criticized the recent accidental military bombing in Tudun Biri village, Kaduna State, and has declared its intention to take legal action against the Federal Government over the incident. 
The group aims to sue for adequate compensation for the victims of the military drone attack, rejecting the Nigerian Army’s assertion that it was a mistake and insisting the operation was intentionally planned against innocent civilians.
Speaking at a news conference in Kaduna on Saturday, Nafi’u Abubakar, a spokesperson for the group, emphasized the need for the Federal Government to initiate a thorough independent investigation into the bombing.
He urged the Nigerian Army to reevaluate its rules of engagement and training procedures to prevent the loss of innocent lives during operations.
Military Offers Apology as Rights Advocates Condemn Tragic Incident
The recent military mishap, resulting in over 85 confirmed deaths on December 3, 2023, has led to a public outcry and condemnation from various rights groups.
 The Nigerian Army has issued an apology, assuring the public that measures will be taken to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.
 Despite the apology, rights groups, including Amnesty International, have strongly criticized the military’s recklessness, attributing it to a consistent failure of authorities to hold them accountable for numerous atrocities against civilians.
In response to the national tragedy, President Bola Tinubu and Governor Sani have ordered a thorough probe into the matter. The incident has not only resulted in a significant loss of lives but has also sparked mourning across the nation.
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