NLC, TUC Storms Out Of Meeting With FG Over Fuel Subsidy

It has been reported that during a scheduled meeting at the presidential villa in Abuja, the leadership of the organised labour purportedly walked out of the meeting. 
The meeting was convened by the Presidential Steering Committee on subsidy palliatives, with the aim of addressing the concerns surrounding the removal of fuel subsidy and providing support measures for the workers affected.
Recall, on Wednesday, the federal government delegation and the Steering Committee had met and agreed to reconvene on Friday to receive updates from the three subcommittees assigned to examine the various demands.
 However, upon arriving at the Chief of Staff’s office at 5pm, it appears that the leadership of the NLC, led by President Joe Ajaero, soon departed from the villa.
The reason for the walkout was reportedly due to the lack of a quorum, as some members of the Steering Committee were absent. Organised labour has accused the federal government of using these meetings as a guise to deceive the Nigerian populace.
It is unfortunate that the expected progress in addressing the concerns of the workers was impeded by the lack of sufficient attendance.
A source at the meeting confirmed that three subcommittees, the Mass Transit, the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Cash transfer subcommittees, were supposed to be present to brief the Steering Committee on the measures put in place to cushion the effect of the fuel subsidy removal on the workers, but labour claimed that government officials, who are members the subcommittees were nowhere to be found.
A visibly infuriated member of the Steering Committee said, “They are not prepared for the meeting. That’s the truth,” maintaining that the government representatives had insisted that the meeting should proceed even though no quorum was formed.
“They are using cover to deceive Nigerians. There are supposed to be three subcommittees, mass transit subcommittee, the CNG, and the cash transfer, to brief us, the steering committee but government was not prepared for the meeting.
“In their introductory remarks they made excuses and they wanted the meeting to continue, the meeting did not form a quorum. We are a people that operate on the basis of process. So, if there’s no quorum in a meeting what do you do? You will adjourn for lack of quorum.
“There was nobody to meet with. The Chief of Staff was not there, they are taking us like small children.”
The Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, along with other members of the government team, had been waiting for the labour delegation at his Conference Hall. However, he had to step out to attend to other official matters within the Villa.
Meanwhile, It appears that there was a miscommunication or administrative oversight that led to the delay of the organised labour delegation from the NLC and TUC as the labour delegation was reportedly delayed at the State House entrance gate, also known as Mopol gate, as their names were not sent there for clearance. This oversight caused a delay in their arrival for the meeting.
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