NLC Reveals Reason for Suspending Second Day of Protest

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) revealed that it encountered threats and coercion aimed at dissuading its members and leadership from carrying out their two-day nationwide protest as planned.
Despite the intimidation, the NLC proceeded with the protest on Tuesday, addressing economic challenges and the escalating cost of living since the removal of petrol subsidy in May 2023.
NLC President, Joe Ajaero, revealed during a press conference on Wednesday that the union received intelligence about potential violence orchestrated along protest routes, leading to the suspension of the second-day protest.
Following a successful first day of demonstrations, the NLC opted to cancel the second day, citing achieved objectives.
Ajaero emphasized the strategic nature of the decision, asserting that if the government fails to address their demands within the new ultimatum, the NLC’s National Executive Council will announce the next course of action.
“We were threatened with all manners of consequences that would be meted on us if we went ahead,” Ajaero said during Wednesday’s press briefing.
“We were, however, not perturbed as lifting the heavy yoke of suffering upon Nigerian workers and masses left us with no option than to press on.”
The NLC president said the congress has evidence from Tuesday’s protest of the “importation of agents who were mobilised to the protest routes and grounds to cause violence against the peaceful protest”.
“God is, however, always a step ahead of the enemies of the workers and the Nigerian people. That was also one of the reasons we had to restructure on the second day of the nationwide protest,” he added.
“You may have noticed that almost all the routes to our office have been militarised this morning. It took a lot of time to access our office. These are not things you expect from a democratic society.
“We want to reiterate that if the government fails to comply within the specified time frame, the NEC will convene again to decide on the next line of action.
“The NLC remains steadfast in its commitment to defending and promoting the interests of Nigerian workers and the downtrodden masses, who will not succumb to intimidation,” he added.
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