Nigeria’s Exchange Of Text Messages Increased By 28.82% In 2022 – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission has said that in 2022, Nigerians and other telecommunications users in Nigeria exchanged over 25.93 billion text messages locally.
This information was provided by the NCC in its recently published “2022 Subscriber/Network Data Annual Report.”
According to the report, there was a 28.82 per increase in the total number of text messages sent and received on a year-on-year basis.
According to the report, around 14.09 billion SMS messages were sent and approximately 11.84 billion SMS messages were received.
Additionally, it was shown that MTN had the largest volume of text messages sent and received.
The report read in part, “The total number of national SMS both sent and received as at December 2022 was 25,928,704,567. This is an increase of 28.82 per cent from that of the total SMS sent and received in year 2021 that stood at 20,126,551,822 SMS.
“There was a 48.84 per cent increase in the number of SMS sent in year 2022 compared to year 2021. Conversely, the year 2022 count of received SMS also increased by 11.06 per cent higher than that of year 2021.
“In year 2022, MTN recorded the highest count of SMS received and sent which stood at 8,738,690,150 and 8,323,722,485, respectively.”
The report also showed that as of December 2022, 59,571,547 international SMS were sent, while 459,329,782 total SMS were received.
In 2022, calls, data, SMS, and other telecom services were estimated to have cost Nigerians and other telecom users N3.33 trillion.
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