Nigerian Army Releases 230 Detainees Found Innocent of Boko Haram Ties, Sends Them To Borno for Reintegration

The Nigerian army has released 230 individuals suspected of affiliation with Boko Haram, comprising 219 males and 11 females, following a thorough profiling process.
A military source revealed that the suspects were cleared after investigations determined that they were coerced into joining the group against their will.
According to the source, the cleared suspects were transferred to the Borno state government through the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development for reintegration into society.
Nigeria’s armed forces are fighting on several fronts, including against armed criminals in the northwest and a long-running jihadist insurgency in the northeast that has killed 40,000 and displaced more than two million since 2009.
Boko Haram and its rival faction, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), have increasingly targeted civilians, including farmers, loggers, herders, and fishermen, accusing them of collaboration with security forces and local.
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