Nigeria Independence Day: Ebonyi Police Oppose IPOB, Urge Southeastern To Celebrate October 1 In Peace

Contrary to a statement from the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which threatened that no Independence Day celebrations would take place in the region, the Ebonyi State Police Command has instructed the people of the Southeast to go about their normal business on October 1.
Recall that Emma Powerful, the director of media and publicity for IPOB, threatened in a statement that “Anyone seen celebrating the Nigeria flag Independence in Biafraland will regret his or her life.”
The Federal Government of Nigeria, according to the group’s statement, has not shown to the region that it is a part of the country.
The group’s statement reads in parts, “As Nigeria’s government plans to celebrate her flag Independence from Britain, we advise eastern region governors and political leaders to shun the October 1st Independence celebration in our region.
“Moreso, we advise Biafrans not to attend any Independence celebration anywhere within Biafra territory or outside of it. Hence, IPOB has banned the Independence Day celebration and flying of Nigeria flags in any part of Biafraland on October 1st, 2023.
“After 63 years of flag independence of Nigeria from Britain, there is nothing to show for it. Ordinary electricity, security, and good roads Nigeria can’t provide for its citizens.
“As little as conducting free and fair election has been impossible in the most fantastically corrupt nation in the world called Nigeria. Every institution in Nigeria has been polluted and corrupted by bribery and stealing.”
In reaction to the threat, the Ebonyi State Police Command has urged the residents of the region to report any suspicious movement to the nearest police station as they go about their lawful businesses.
The police promised to provide round-the-clock security during and after the Independence Day celebration on October 1.
“Residents should go about their lawful businesses without fear of threat or intimidation, and report any suspicious person or thing to the nearest police station”, Ebonyi state police command spokesperson, Chris Anyanwu, as quoted by the Punch.
Ada Peter
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