Nigeria Customs Launches Tactical Team to Combat Petroleum Smuggling

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) announced the formation of a tactical team over the weekend in an effort to curb the cross-border smuggling of petroleum products to neighboring countries.
In the first quarter of 2024, smuggling of petroleum products accounted for 26 percent of the 572 seizures recorded by the service.
During the inauguration workshop of the tactical team, Comptroller General Bashir Adewale Adeniyi introduced “Operation Whirlwind,” a specialized unit dedicated to preventing the smuggling of petroleum products.
Adeniyi emphasized that this team is tasked with protecting the nation’s economy from the detrimental effects of such illegal activities.
The workshop, held at the Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College (NCCSC), aimed to equip the Operation Whirlwind team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address the smuggling of petroleum products to neighboring countries.
“Economic saboteurs must be brought to justice. Over the years, we have rebuilt the service to an enviable height. Our revenue is increasing, and our targets have also increased. However, if we are not significantly impacting the Nigerian economy, then we must do better,” Adeniyi stated.
He clarified that this initiative is not about setting up checkpoints or forming a task force, but rather an intelligence-driven operation to support the highest level of political will. Adeniyi warned that there would be serious consequences for anyone acting against the mission, emphasizing zero tolerance for sabotage.
Adeniyi also highlighted the importance of collaboration and unity among the officers. “You were selected because you can do the job. Your coordinator’s record is impeccable, and your assignment can’t succeed without you working as a team. You are to complement the existing structure, not compete with it. You are going to fight those sabotaging our efforts.”
The newly formed tactical team is expected to bring a significant impact in curbing the smuggling of petroleum products, thereby strengthening Nigeria’s economy and national security.
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