New York: More Than A Dozen Arrested During Pro-Palestinian Demonstration In Brooklyn

More than a dozen arrested during pro-Palestinian demonstration in Brooklyn

There was chaos and clashing at nightfall on the streets of Brooklyn as police say more than a dozen people were arrested during a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

NYPD officers pushed back protesters and ordered them out of the roadway. The rally continued into the night with tensions eventually flaring between officers and demonstrators. Police say more than a dozen people were taken into custody.

The protest started hours earlier on Saturday – and was much more peaceful with thousands taking to the streets of Bay Ridge. Many marched for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

They came from all across the city to demand peace and ceasefire overseas.

“Generally I want peace, I think there are ways for parties to get through it through dialogue, instead of killing each other – that’s the reason I’m here,” said Shrihari Sathe.

The crowd grew throughout the afternoon, shutting down 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge.

At Saturday’s protest, it was not just the Palestinian community, it was also different members of other communities to voice the same message to free Palestine.

“As a Jewish person, I don’t want the Jewish religion to be the reason for this occupation,” said Olivia Morrow.

“Just treat the Palestinians as humans. They deserve every human right as any other civilians. Just treat a human as a human. That’s all we’re asking for,” added Saba Tahir.

With tensions increasing overseas, protestors say there have to be other solutions than war.

“Israel has all of the resources and power to go against Palestine. They’re left with way less resources, there’s been way more deaths on the Palestinian’s side. It’s not a symmetrical situation,” said another protester.




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