Lagos State Government Plans New Building Code 

The Lagos State Government is set to introduce a new building code tailored for its evolving model city, as revealed by the Special Adviser on Electronic Geographic Information System and Urban Development, Olajide Babatunde.
This announcement was made during a clean-up enforcement operation in the Jakande area of Lekki on Sunday.
The initiative comes as part of the government’s commitment to urban development and creating a sustainable model city in Lagos. Babatunde emphasized the need for a building code that aligns with the vision of the state and promotes safe, modern, and aesthetically pleasing structures.
In a bid to involve the community in the decision-making process, Babatunde urged residents to submit their suggestions and preferences for the proposed building code.
The government’s recent enforcement operation in the Jakande area targeted squatters and illegal structures along the Coastal Road, with a four-day ultimatum issued for their evacuation.
Babatunde clarified that the objective is not to displace residents arbitrarily but to implement a comprehensive plan for regeneration, renewal, and redevelopment in the area.
He said, “The living condition of the people here is very pathetic and terribe and is not something that should be encouraged. So, we should assist these people to relocate into proper spaces where there will be more comfortable and not be prone to diseases and hazards.
“We are not removing the Jakande houses because there is a procedure for that and the government is going to have a total plan for regeneration, renewal and redevelopment of this area.”
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