The Lagos State Government has taken decisive action against illegal occupants of abandoned Ikoyi Towers in Lagos Island, issuing a 48-hour quit notice to vacate the premises.
The announcement was made by the state’s Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, during a comprehensive inspection of various sites across the city, including the Federal Government-owned Ikoyi Towers.
In a statement shared on his social media account, Commissioner Wahab underscored the urgent need to address the security threat and environmental nuisance posed by the illegal occupants of Ikoyi Towers.
“We were also on a site inspection to assess enforcement of Osborne underbridge after the illegal structures harbouring several persons were removed,” the commissioner wrote on his X account.
“Abandoned Ikoyi Towers which we observed were housing illegal occupants posing a security threat to the environment and nuisance to the State. An undocumented number of persons running into hundreds were seen in the premises with no sanitary provisions, and whose daily activities could not be ascertained. They have been given a 48-hour vacation notice to leave the area.”
He also said, “Stagnant water bodies were also observed in the canal in Ebutte Elefun – Adeniji Adele, Lagos Island. Illegal structures and other business activities such as block/cement moulding were found along the fence of Ebutte Elefun High School. We have given a directive for the removal of these infractions.”
This move by the Lagos State Government aligns with its ongoing efforts to crack down on illegal structures and activities to combat flooding and ensure public safety.
In recent months, the Lagos State Government has ramped up its clampdown on illegal structures to contain flooding and save lives.
Just last week, it cleared some illegal structures in under-bridge apartments where occupants pay as much as N250,000 yearly.