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King Charles III Maintains ‘Regular Contact’ with 10 Downing Street Following Cancer Announcement – Rishi Sunak

In response to the revelation of King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis, Chancellor Rishi Sunak informed the BBC that the condition had been “caught early,” reassuring the public that routine communications between the monarch and 10 Downing Street persist.

Expressing shock and sadness at the news, Prime Minister Sunak emphasized his regular contact with the 75-year-old King, who has opted to defer all public duties. Commencing “regular treatments” on Monday, King Charles III’s medical condition is confirmed not to be prostate cancer, although specific details remain limited.

During an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Sunak stated, “He’ll just be in our thoughts and our prayers – many families around the country listening to this will have been touched by the same thing, and they know what it means to everyone.”

It is anticipated that the King’s weekly audiences with Sunak will persist in person, unless medical advice advises otherwise. Buckingham Palace underscores that King Charles III will continue fulfilling his constitutional role as the head of state, managing paperwork, and engaging in private meetings.

The monarch’s positive outlook on treatment and anticipation of resuming a normal schedule were emphasized by the Palace on Monday. King Charles III returned to London for outpatient cancer care from Sandringham, where he recently engaged with well-wishers during a brief walk to church.

With the Prince of Wales expected to cover some of his father’s duties, following the Princess of Wales’s recent abdominal surgery, the Palace confirmed that both Prince William and Prince Harry have been personally informed of the diagnosis. Prince Harry, residing in the United States, is set to travel to the UK to be with his father.

The timing of King Charles III’s return to public duties remains uncertain, and plans for official visits to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Samoa later this year are unclear. The cancer diagnosis follows a recent procedure for a “benign” prostate condition, during which a separate cancer concern was identified.

The decision to publicly disclose the cancer treatment aligns with King Charles III’s history as a patron of cancer-related charities during his tenure as Prince of Wales. Acknowledging the King’s openness, former press secretary Simon Lewis commented on the monarch’s dedication to continuing formal constitutional duties behind the scenes, despite the challenges posed by the diagnosis.

As the news reverberates, the Royal Society of Medicine expressed gratitude to the King for spotlighting the indiscriminate nature of cancer and urged eligible individuals to prioritize cancer screenings. With one in two people in the UK developing some form of cancer during their lifetime, the importance of early detection is underscored, especially considering that over a third of new cases typically occur in individuals aged 75 and over, according to UK health statistics.


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