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Jury Deliberations to Begin in Donald Trump’s Hush Money Trial

Testimony in Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial has concluded after more than four weeks and nearly two dozen witnesses. The case now moves into the crucial final phase of closing arguments, jury deliberations, and potentially a verdict.

While the exact timeline for these final steps remains uncertain, this week promises to be pivotal in a landmark trial already marked by numerous memorable moments.

Jury set to begin deliberations

Jurors in Donald Trump’s hush money trial are expected to start deliberations on Wednesday after receiving instructions from the judge on the relevant law and considerations necessary to reach a verdict in the first criminal case against a former American president.

This phase follows an exhaustive day of closing arguments, where a Manhattan prosecutor accused Trump of attempting to “hoodwink” voters in the 2016 presidential election by engaging in a hush money scheme designed to suppress embarrassing stories that could have derailed his campaign.

“This case, at its core, is about a conspiracy and a cover-up,” prosecutor Joshua Steinglass told jurors during summations that extended from early afternoon into the evening.

Trump’s lawyer countered by labeling the star prosecution witness as the “greatest liar of all time,” asserting his client’s innocence on all charges and urging the jury to deliver a full acquittal.

The closing arguments presented wildly divergent views on witness credibility, Trump’s culpability, and the strength of the evidence, giving both sides one last opportunity to influence the jury. The panel now faces the momentous and historically unprecedented task of deciding whether to convict the presumptive Republican presidential nominee ahead of the November election.

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