JOHESU/AHPA Warns Of Health Workers Exodus From Nigeria

Healthcare Professional Associations (AHPA) within the Joint Health Sector Unions Assembly (JOHESU/AHPA) have voiced concerns about the potential departure of more health workers from Nigeria in the coming year in search of better opportunities.

The workers have also issued a warning of possible industrial action if the federal government proceeds to halt budgetary allocations to professional regulatory councils. In a letter addressed to the Minister of Health, Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate, the union cautioned, stating, “If this issue remains unaddressed, we anticipate that more than 25 percent of practitioners in Nigeria will opt to seek better opportunities abroad.”

The union called for an immediate directive to the Budget Office to cease attempts to halt budgetary allocations to health sector professional regulatory councils. This, they argued, is crucial to preventing their endorsement of members’ calls to withdraw services in support of their demands. In the letter signed by the acting national secretary of JOHESU, Comrade Matthew Ajorutu, the union highlighted that the Budget Office’s directive initially impacted all professional regulatory councils, including the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), responsible for overseeing medical and dental practices in the country.

Ajorutu emphasized, “Initially, the Budget Office’s directive impacted all Professional Regulatory Councils, including the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN). However, in a pattern observed in some MDAs, only the MDCN has been approved to continue receiving government funding as outlined in the N11 billion budget for 2023 estimates.”

He cautioned against “imminent consequences for health consumers in Nigeria unless the minister reverses the regressive and harmful directive from the Budget Office.” According to him, these consequences would expose practitioners of various professional cadres to increased risks of unlawful and unethical practices.


Ada Peter
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