Israeli, Palestinian Supporters Rally And Clash For A Second Day In New York City

Supporters of Israel and backers of the Palestinian cause rallied for a second day in New York City.

Police have been doing their best to keep protestors on opposing sides on the opposite side of the street because even crossing the street has led to physical conflict.

We watched one protestor punch another one, right in the middle of 42nd Street, right in front of dozens of cops.

Tensions are simmering. On 42nd Street in front of the Israeli Consulate, there was physical violence and boiling-hot emotions.

As hard as the NYPD tried to keep the demonstrations separate, protestors on both sides kept infiltrating the opposing side to instigate and fan the flames of an already volatile situation.

On Sunday, it was a similar scene as police ringed the United Nations compound as scores of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered a block away, chanting and waving flags.

Metal barricades kept them on sidewalks as officers worked to separate them from an opposing group across the street, some waving Israeli flags.

As some pro-Palestinian demonstrators were leaving, men yelling and carrying Israeli flags crossed the barricades. A short skirmish broke out in the crowd, with one man ripping away an Israeli flag and throwing it to the sidewalk, where people stomped on it. Police quickly separated the two sides.

On Monday, police created a blue wall down 42nd Street to try to keep the peace. They are intent on keeping order here and so far, relatively speaking, it has been as orderly as one could expect in a situation like this.




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