Israeli Forces Raid Shifa Hospital Amid Allegations of Hamas Presence

Smoke rises over Gaza as seen from Southern Israel, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian group Hamas, November 10, 2023. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

Israeli forces conducted another raid on Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip early Monday, alleging that Hamas militants had regrouped within the compound and fired on them from there. Palestinian officials assert that tens of thousands of people have sought refuge at the hospital.

In a separate development, Josep Borrell, the European Union’s top diplomat, accused Israel of obstructing efforts to deliver aid to Gaza. He characterized the situation in Gaza as an “entirely man-made” famine, emphasizing that “starvation is used as a weapon of war.”

This action by the Israeli army follows a similar raid on Shifa Hospital in November, during which the military claimed to have discovered an elaborate Hamas command center within and beneath the facility. However, the evidence presented did not fully substantiate these claims, leading to criticism of the army’s tactics and their potential endangerment of civilian lives.

Witnesses inside the hospital reported that early Monday, Israeli forces, supported by tanks and artillery, encircled the medical complex. They stated that snipers targeted individuals within the hospital, leading to a sense of siege. Additionally, witnesses mentioned that the army conducted raids on several buildings and apprehended numerous individuals.

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Abdel-Hady Sayed, who has sought refuge in the medical facility for over three months, expressed the dire situation, stating, “We’re trapped inside. They fire at anything moving… Doctors and ambulances can’t move.”

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, the Israeli army targeted a building within the hospital compound used for specialized surgeries, directing both gunfire and missiles. As a result, a fire broke out at the hospital’s gate.

The ministry reported that approximately 30,000 individuals, including patients, medical personnel, and displaced civilians seeking safety, are currently sheltering at the hospital.


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