Irish Woman Faces Charges in UAE for Attempted Suicide and Alcohol Consumption

An Irish woman, Tori Towey, is facing criminal charges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for attempted suicide and consuming alcohol. Additionally, her passport has been destroyed.

Towey, who has been working as a flight attendant and is based in Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, is reportedly overwhelmed and exhausted but hopeful of being able to leave Dubai soon, according to her lawyer and human rights advocate.

Radha Stirling, who leads the Detained in Dubai group, said she spoke to Towey on Wednesday morning and noted that “things seem to be moving.”

“The Irish government is certainly stepping up in record time; we usually don’t see them come together that fast,” Stirling remarked. She also mentioned that the victims’ support division of the Dubai police had contacted Towey.

“I’m expecting with that diplomatic push, we might be able to get her home even before the court date next week. But, of course, we have to plan that it could go very badly, and she could end up with a prison sentence,” Stirling told BBC News NI.

Towey has been charged with the consumption of alcohol and attempting suicide, both historically illegal offenses in the UAE. “The Irish government is rightly behind us in having the UAE police drop the case against her,” Stirling added.

According to  BBC,  UAE government  has been contacted to comment on the case.

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