Intending Pilgrims Required To Deposit N3.5m For 2024 Hajj Seat – Kaduna Agency

Intending pilgrims for the 2024 Hajj have been required to deposit N3.5 million for a Hajj seat, according to Dr. Yusuf Alrigasiyyu, Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State pilgrims Welfare Agency.
The commencement date for collecting deposits from intending state pilgrims has been announced by the agency for September 1st, 2023. These deposits will be kept in escrow until the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) decides on the final fee for the Hajj seat.
He revealed this on Wednesday when giving an update on the 2023 hajj pilgrimage on Kaduna’s Freedom Radio, a private radio station.
“From September 1st next month until December, we will be collecting Hajj fare deposits from intending pilgrims. We anticipate each pilgrim to deposit at least N3.5 million, with the final fare to be announced by NAHCON,” Dr. Alrigasiyyu explained.
He further clarified that their goal is for the Hajj fare to be lower than N3.5 million, resulting in a refund of the remaining balance to the intending pilgrims who deposited N3.5 million.
Dr. Alrigasiyyu expressed concern about the participation of elderly pilgrims in the 2023 Hajj exercise, despite the agency’s warnings against it.
He pointed out that some elderly pilgrims were reliant on Hajj officials for basic tasks such as cleaning and personal care due to their age.
He issued a warning, saying that starting the following year, elderly pilgrims would only be allowed to travel to the holy land if they were accompanied by an assistant.
In response to concerns raised about crowding and a lack of tents among Nigerian pilgrims during the most recent Hajj in Muna, Dr. Arrigassiyu reassured that none of the pilgrims from Kaduna spent the night outside due to a lack of tents. He emphasized that state pilgrims were provided with more comfortable housing, better food, and other amenities in Makkah City compared to other states.
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