Hardship: Nigerian Pensioners Threaten Naked Protest Over Welfare Concerns

The Nigeria Union of Pensioners has issued a stern warning, declaring their intention to stage a naked protest if the dire welfare situation of pensioners across the country remains unaddressed.
During a press briefing in Abuja on Friday, the National President of the union, Godwin Abumusi, announced their plan to draw attention to the plight of pensioners by staging naked protest on the streets.
Abumusi emphasized their resolve, stating, “I am going to lead Nigerian pensioners naked,” highlighting their determination to bring awareness to the struggles faced by pensioners in Nigeria, even if it means facing arrest.
The recent protests in Niger and Kano states over soaring food prices underscore the urgent need to alleviate the increasing cost of living.
Labor unions advocate for a new minimum wage, while pensioners seek a review of the national minimum pension to reflect current economic realities.
Abumusi proposed a minimum pension of N100,000 to the tripartite committee, aligning with the proposed N200,000 minimum wage by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).
He warned that anything short of this proposal would provoke strong reactions from pensioners already grappling with economic hardship.
The National Union of Pensioners (NUP) shed light on the shockingly low monthly pensions received by some state retirees, ranging from N1000 to N500, and sometimes as low as N450.
He said, “We wish to propose the sum of N100,000 as the national minimum pension to the tripartite committee in line with the proposed N200,000 minimum wage by the NLC (Nigeria Labour Congress); as anything short of that will incur the wrath of the pensioners who are hard hit by the prevailing economic hardship.”
Abumusi expressed grave concern over this widespread issue, particularly prevalent in Southeastern states.
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