GWR Disassociates Itself From A Man Attempting A Cry-a-thon

Guinness World Record (GWR) has responded to the widely circulated report claiming a Nigerian man temporarily lost his vision while attempting to break the record for the longest crying marathon.
The man with Cameroonian heritage named Tembu Ebere sought to set a new Guinness World Record by continuously crying for seven days.
In an interview that was shown on BBC on Sunday, Ebere disclosed that during the challenge, he temporarily lost his vision for 45 minutes.
He said that he needed to change his strategy and tone down the wailing because it was giving him migraines.
GWR, however, dissociated itself from Ebere’s feat on Wednesday.
They said they did not approve the quest and that they would never be able to monitor such a record.
“Just to quell some recent rumours, we wouldn’t ever monitor a record for the longest marathon crying. Here’s what can be monitored by our team”, the body wrote.
Ada Peter
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