Governor Abiodun Seeks Acquisition of Hydro Power Plant

Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun has announced his administration’s intention to acquire the Hydro Power Plant situated at the Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority.
This strategic move aims to enhance energy availability for investors and support industrial activities within the state.
During a meeting with Engr. Adedeji Ashiru, the new Managing Director/CEO of Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority, and his management team, Governor Abiodun emphasized the significance of reviving the long-dormant Hydro Power Plant. He noted that revitalizing this facility could significantly reduce energy costs and attract more businesses to the state.
“We are aware there is a Hydro Power Plant that is installed in the river basin for several years. It was a Federal Government initiative,” Abiodun stated.
“As a state government, we have expressed interest in the acquisition of that Hydro Power Plant. It is almost obsolete by now. Only God knows the level of vandalization, but we believe that if it is transferred to us as a state government, we can work with the original equipment manufacturer to not only resuscitate it but also expand it.”
Governor Abiodun highlighted Ogun State’s status as Nigeria’s industrial capital and stressed the critical role of affordable electricity in industrial growth. He expressed confidence that acquiring and revamping the Hydro Power Plant would help achieve the state’s vision of becoming the region with the lowest energy costs.
In addition to energy concerns, Governor Abiodun acknowledged the importance of effective river basin management to control flooding, particularly in areas like Ibafo, Isheri, and Kara. He announced plans to engage consultants to develop solutions for recurring flooding and improve water resource management.
“As a state government, we are looking at engaging consultants to recommend to us what we can do to ensure that this perennial recurrent problem is finally resolved,” he said. “The management of that river basin is very key to the control of flooding in Ogun State.”
Governor Abiodun also underscored the significance of the river basin for water supply and agricultural development in the South-West states. He called for collaborative efforts to leverage the River Basin Authority’s resources to support agriculture and food security initiatives in the region.
“This River Basin is also very fundamental to agriculture and food security. This is an area that is extremely important to the President and his Renewed Hope agenda,” he added. “As a state government, we are looking forward to working with you collaboratively to ensure that we tap into the advantage of having the Basin Authority in this state to catalyze our agricultural program and food security initiatives.”
Governor Abiodun praised the new managing director’s qualifications and thanked President Bola Tinubu for his nomination, expressing optimism about the future collaboration between the state and the River Basin Authority.
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