Former CAN President Criticizes Multiple Taxes Under Tinubu’s Administration

Samson Ayokunle, former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), expressed concern that the multiple taxes introduced by President Bola Tinubu’s administration are severely burdening Nigerians.
In an interview with ChannelsTV on Friday, June 7, Ayokunle called on Tinubu to revitalize the economy by investing in agriculture and mining, rather than relying heavily on taxation.
“Let’s explore other sectors of our economy. Nigeria is rich, let’s not just keep taxing. Excessive taxation will harm people,” Ayokunle warned.
He urged the president to stop imposing additional taxes, questioning how citizens would manage to survive under the increasing financial pressure.
Ayokunle criticized the continuous rise in taxes, electricity tariffs, and other costs, emphasizing the strain on the average Nigerian’s income.
“Do you want to drive people away from the country?” he asked, highlighting the uncertainty many face due to the current economic policies.
Lamenting Nigeria’s economic condition, Ayokunle noted, “The economy is in shambles. The hardship Nigerians face is unprecedented. The cost of living has skyrocketed, making survival difficult.”
He acknowledged some positive actions by the new administration but criticized the abrupt removal of the petrol subsidy, stating, “This government is trying to address foreign exchange issues but hasn’t succeeded. Drastic measures are needed.”
Ayokunle pointed out that the economic situation is particularly tough for young people, whose hopes are being dashed.
Despite his criticisms, Ayokunle praised the administration’s student loan scheme, recognizing it as a step in the right direction.
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