FG Maintains No Ransom Payment was Made for Kuriga Children’s Release

The Federal Government has maintained its stance on refusing to pay ransom for the release of abducted victims, reaffirming this position following the recent release of the Kuriga children in Kaduna State.
Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, emphasized that the concerted efforts of national security agencies led to the successful rescue operation.
In a briefing with State House Correspondents after the Federal Executive Council meeting, Minister Idris reiterated President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to breaking the cycle of ransom payments to kidnappers. He emphasized the government’s belief that paying ransoms only emboldens criminal elements and fuels further kidnappings across the nation.
The minister said, “President Bola Tinubu is determined to end this cycle of payment of ransom to kidnappers. The government believes that this continues to encourage these kidnappers, these criminal elements to perpetrate this act within the Nigerian nation and it is the official position of government as announced here last week that ransom will not be tolerated. Ransom will not be encouraged ransom will not be paid by the government.”
While not divulging specific operational details, he assured the public that security agencies were adopting new strategies to combat criminal elements and ensure the safe return of kidnapped individuals.
“The security agencies, of course, will not reveal to you their modus operandi, but suffice to say that the security agencies are also upping their game, you know, evolving new strategies of getting out these criminal elements and ensuring that our children or anybody who is kidnapped for that matter, is brought back safely,” the minister said.
Addressing queries about the government’s response to comments made by Islamic scholar Sheikh Abubakar Gumi regarding bandit activities, Minister Idris stated that the government welcomes constructive advice to address insecurity challenges.
However, he cautioned against reckless comments that could exacerbate security threats, warning that the Federal Government would take decisive action against individuals inciting further unrest.
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