FG Intensify Security Measures on Third Mainland Bridge Amid Repairs

The Federal Government has intensified security measures on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, incorporating the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and solar lights as part of ongoing repair works.
The bridge, one of Africa’s longest, has been undergoing maintenance for several weeks, leading to traffic congestion for motorists and other commuters.
While preparations are underway for the bridge’s reopening in the coming days, Works Minister David Umahi revealed that enhancing security is a crucial aspect of the repair process.
Umahi explained during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics program that the installation of CCTV cameras aims to address issues of crime and illegal mining activities around the bridge.
Umahi outlined the additional work being carried out, which includes the replacement of generator lights with solar-powered lights. He emphasized the importance of this upgrade in improving security and combating illicit activities such as sand mining, which has been damaging the bridge’s structure.
“When you talk about the total rehabilitation of the bridge, you talk about the deck,” he said.
“Mr President has released the money and I can say that 99 per cent of the project is done. But what is to be done is additional work: we are putting up solar lights; we are replacing the generator lights with solar lights
“We are putting up CCTV both on top of the bridge and under the bridge because the president told me that part of the problem we are having is people who are doing illegal mining of the sand. And I agree with him. I have seen it. They even go as far as even destroying the concrete to anchor their small boats.”
Commenting on the trajectory of governance, Umahi expressed confidence in President Bola Tinubu’s leadership, predicting his re-election in 2027.
He described Tinubu’s presidency as divinely ordained and highlighted the administration’s commitment to addressing national challenges.
“You must know that the coming onboard of Mr President is divine. When God starts a thing, He completes it,” the minister said.
“So, I strongly believe and I am persuaded to let you know that God told me that this administration will last eight years because this administration is born of God.”
“You can see the miracle that Mr President is doing through the inspiration of God Almighty who brought him to right all the wrongs,” the minister noted on the show,” he said.
Umahi asserted, “We are taking back this country and giving it back to Nigerians,” emphasizing the administration’s dedication to restoring the nation’s prosperity with the support of the Nigerian people.
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