FCCPC Seals Chinese Supermarket in Abuja Over Discriminatory Policy Against Nigerian

Officials from the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) took decisive action on Monday by sealing off an Abuja-based Chinese supermarket located within the premises of the China General Chamber of Commerce.
The move comes in response to widespread public outcry following reports of discriminatory practices against Nigerian shoppers.
Upon arriving at the supermarket, FCCPC officials conducted thorough investigations, including interrogating Nigerian employees working at the establishment.
Subsequently, they proceeded to seal off the supermarket, indicating the seriousness with which the commission views such discriminatory policies.
The controversy surrounding the Chinese supermarket erupted on Sunday when reports surfaced of a discriminatory entry policy that exclusively favored Chinese nationals while barring Nigerians from accessing the premises.
Nigerians, both within and outside the complex, expressed outrage over the discriminatory practice, prompting swift action from regulatory authorities.
Shaibu Sanusi, the facility manager of the complex housing the Chinese supermarket, confirmed that while Nigerians residing within the complex were allowed access to the supermarket, those from outside were denied entry.
Despite the closure of the supermarket, concerns persist that individuals may be hiding within the premises in an attempt to evade detection and confrontation with regulatory authorities.
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