Faulty Generator Causes Power Outage at Nigerian Senate

The Nigerian Senate experienced a sudden power outage during its plenary session, which was attributed to a faulty generator supplying electricity to the Red Chamber, the Senate disclosed.
Plenary was delayed by up to 30 minutes as senators awaited the restoration of power to the National Assembly on Tuesday.
Senate President Godswill Akpabio apologized for the inconvenience caused by the outage and the discomfort it caused due to the heat in the chamber.
After power was restored, Senate President Akpabio commenced the session, acknowledging that nine offices within the National Assembly still experienced outages while efforts were ongoing to address the issue.
Senator Sunday Karimi, the Chairman of the Committee on Senate Services, clarified to reporters after the plenary session that the power outage resulted from a malfunctioning generator. He emphasized that the outage was not linked to fuel scarcity and assured that the situation was promptly resolved.
He said, “It is an uncommon incident. Since the 10th Assembly, we have not heard of this kind of experience.
“Often, when we are sitting, we use the generator. Unfortunately, our generator developed a fault today.
“It has nothing to do with the fuel issue. So, it is time to switch to the second generator used by the House of Representatives.
“You will also observe that within 10 to 15 minutes of the switching, our generator was restored.”
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