Endgame: Royal Race Row Naming Not Publicity Stunt, Says Author Omid Scobie

An author whose book triggered a row over allegations of racism within the Royal Family has said the naming of two people in one edition was not a deliberate publicity stunt.

Omid Scobie said he did not know how a Dutch translation of Endgame came to include the names of King Charles and Catherine, Princess of Wales.

They are reported to have allegedly discussed the skin colour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s unborn baby.

Scobie insists the naming was an error.

He told BBC Two’s Newsnight a “full investigation” was under way to discover how the names were included, adding the English version of the book “I wrote, the book I edited, didn’t have names in it”.

The passage relates to allegations made by Prince Harry and Meghan during their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

In the English version of the book, Scobie claimed there had been two people involved and that he knew their identities, but he said for legal reasons the names could not be disclosed.

However, the Dutch language edition of his book, entitled Eindstrijd, appeared to identify the two royals alleged to have been involved in the conversation. The BBC has seen a copy of the Dutch translation, which names the King and Catherine as being the two royals that discussed the baby.

They were identified earlier this week by broadcaster Piers Morgan.

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