Eiffel Tower Maintenance Budget Controversy Sparks Union Strike

Paris, France – The iconic Eiffel Tower is set to be closed to visitors on Monday as workers stage a one-day strike, demanding an immediate review of the financial management of the 135-year-old monument by Paris City Hall. The workers claim that maintenance costs are being underestimated, especially in light of the upcoming Summer Olympic Games.

This marks the second closure in a month, as labor union officials argue that Paris City Hall, holding 99% ownership of the Eiffel Tower operator, SETE, relies on an “unsustainable” business model. They allege that ticket sales to the monument are overestimated, while the costs of maintenance and repairs are underestimated.

Representing 400 Eiffel Tower workers, the union contends that the current maintenance plan puts a strain on employees and adversely affects visitors. This strike occurs as Paris gears up to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, where fragments of the Eiffel Tower will be incorporated into the medals awarded during the games.

Paris, France – A dispute over the Eiffel Tower’s maintenance budget has led to a strike by workers affiliated with the union. SETE, the Eiffel Tower operator, claims the budget is based on an estimated 7.4 million visitors for the year, a figure disputed by the union, which argues that the monument typically attracts around 6 million visitors annually, averaging 20,000 per day.

This strike comes after a similar event on December 27, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Gustave Eiffel’s death, the engineer behind the tower’s construction. The union, engaged in labor negotiations at the time, is now urging Paris City Hall to reassess the maintenance budget for the iconic landmark.

In a statement issued in December, the union expressed concerns that the current budget could lead to the closure of the Eiffel Tower during the upcoming Olympic Games due to a financial shortfall in maintenance costs.


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