Education Ministry Urges Swift Return of Abducted Kaduna School children

Prof. Tahir Mamman

The Federal Ministry of Education has issued a fervent plea for the safe and immediate release of the abducted school children in Kaduna State, following the harrowing incident earlier in the week where approximately 300 students were taken captive by gunmen.
Expressing deep concern over the distressing situation, Minister of Education Tahir Mamman, during a press briefing on Friday, described the abduction as deeply troubling and emphasized the urgent need for decisive action.
In a statement conveyed by the ministry’s Director of Press and Public Relations, Folasade Boriowo, Mamman implored both security agencies and the Kaduna State Government to mobilize all available resources and efforts towards rescuing and reuniting the abducted students and teachers with their families.
Press Release
Press Briefing by the Hon. Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, on the Kidnapping Incident in Kaduna
The Honorable Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, alongside with esteemed colleague, the Minister of State Hon Dr. Yusuf Sununu with the Permanent Secretary Mrs Ester Didi Walson- Jack and Directors in the Ministry, held a Press briefing today addressing the distressing event that unfolded in Kaduna yesterday.
Close to 300 Students and Teachers, encompassing both Secondary and Prrimary Schools, fell victim to a shocking act of kidnapping. The Minister emphasized that Children are at the forefront of the major policies pursued by the Ministry of Education and the Federal Government.
Highlighting the persistent challenges faced by certain regions in terms of attendance, enrollment, and retention of Students, the Minister expressed profound concern. He reflected on the gravity of the situation, stating that the Ministry had hoped such incidents were relegated to the past.
The Minister conveyed the collective shock and sadness felt by the Ministry regarding the events that transpired in Kaduna. He extended heartfelt prayers to the Parents, Guardians, and especially the young, vulnerable Children who are embarking on the journey of Education and life.
In light of these unfortunate circumstance, the Ministry appeals earnestly to the security agencies, as well as the Government’ of Kaduna State, to mobilize all available resources to rescue and reunite the kidnapped Students and Teachers with their Families.
The Minister then stressed the urgency of the situation, calling on those responsible for the safe return of the Children to expedite their efforts. He acknowledged the responsibility shared by all Stakeholders in ensuring the safety and well-being of our Children.
This Press briefing aims to communicate the deep concern and commitment of the Minister of Education in addressing this distressing development. The Ministry appeals to all relevant authorities and the public to join forces in bringing our Children back home and back to School promptly.
The Minister emphasized “Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families during this difficult time.
Folasade Boriowo
Director Press P&R
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