Detained Binance Executive Escapes From Custody, Flee Nigeria Amid Tax Evasion Allegations

Nadeem Anjarwalla, a prominent figure at Binance, has reportedly absconded from custody in Nigeria amidst allegations of tax evasion and other charges.
The 38-year-old dual British-Kenyan citizen, detained alongside a colleague, managed to flee from a guest house in Abuja on Friday, March 22, as confirmed by PREMIUM TIMES.
Anjarwalla’s escape unfolded during a visit to a nearby mosque for Ramadan prayers, exploiting a momentary lapse in security.
Despite Nigerian authorities holding his British passport, he is said to have departed Abuja aboard a Middle Eastern airline, prompting inquiries into the circumstances of his departure and efforts to ascertain his whereabouts.
An Immigration official disclosed to PREMIUM TIMES that Anjarwalla utilized a Kenyan passport to facilitate his escape, sparking scrutiny into how he obtained the document while his British passport remained in official custody.
Questions have arisen regarding the oversight and privileges afforded to the detainees, including access to phones, which may have facilitated the escape plan.
While the National Security Adviser’s office acknowledged the incident, further details have yet to be provided.
Anjarwalla, serving as Binance’s Africa regional manager, and his colleague Tigran Gambaryan were initially apprehended upon their arrival in Nigeria on February 26, 2024.
Subsequent legal proceedings ensued, with Binance facing allegations of non-compliance with a court order demanding data on Nigerian traders, leading to an extension of the executives’ detention to prevent evidence tampering.
The charges leveled against Binance and its executives include failure to register for taxes, issue VAT invoices, and aiding subscribers in tax evasion.
This development unfolds within the context of Nigeria’s intensified crackdown on financial crimes, particularly money laundering and terrorism financing, with Binance allegedly implicated in facilitating such illicit activities.
Government authorities allege that anonymous Nigerian users traded over $21.6 billion on Binance, exacerbating economic instability and currency devaluation.
The unfolding saga compounds Binance’s legal challenges, following a guilty plea to money laundering charges in the US and a substantial settlement with the Department of Justice.
Furthermore, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao’s trial in the US has encountered delays, casting a shadow over the cryptocurrency giant’s global operations.
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