Delaware Senator And German Chancellor Share Striking Resemblance And Political Mission

A chance meeting in Washington DC between US Senator Chris Coons and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sparked intrigue due to their uncanny physical resemblance. Following their meeting, the two leaders playfully posted a selfie online, prompting Senator Coons to humorously question, “Wer ist wer?” or “who is who” in German.

The resemblance between the two, including similar greying hair, middle-aged baldness, and infectious smiles, left observers initially struggling to distinguish between them. Despite his typically serious demeanor, Chancellor Scholz, leader of Germany’s coalition government since 2021, joined in on the lighthearted banter, calling Senator Coons his “Doppelganger” in a repost of the image.

Who Is Who?": German Chancellor Meets "Doppelganger" US Senator. See Pics


Beyond their physical similarities, the two leaders, aged 60 and 65, and standing at approximately 5 feet 7 inches, share a common passion for politics and a shared urgency to increase military aid to Ukraine. Chancellor Scholz’s visit to Washington DC included a meeting with President Joe Biden to garner support for Ukraine and underscore the consequences of not providing additional aid.

During his visit, Chancellor Scholz engaged with Senator Coons and other lawmakers to convey the critical importance of delivering more aid. This encounter occurred as US lawmakers grapple with the challenge of passing additional aid for Ukraine and Israel amid resistance from Republicans.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Chancellor Scholz emphasized the need to bridge divisions and convince citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that failing to counter Russian aggression would jeopardize global security. The striking parallelism between Senator Coons and Chancellor Scholz, both in appearance and political advocacy, adds a unique dimension to their collaborative efforts in addressing urgent geopolitical challenges.

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