CSU Complies With US Court Order, Releases Tinubu’s Records

President of Nigeria Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s additional academic transcripts have been made public by Chicago State University (CSU).
Recall that Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the just concluded presidential election, had requested the university release the academic records of his political rival in the country’s most recent general elections.
Currently, Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is being challenged as the winner of the poll that was held on February 25.
Parts of Atiku’s petitions include challenging the academic records of the APC presidential candidate.
According to his claims, Tinubu did not earn a degree from Chicago State University as indicated by his academic records.
In a copy of the latest judgment by the US Court, Judge Nancy Maldonado, noted that CSU raised no objection to Judge Jeffery Gilbert’s decision that Tinubu’s academic record be made public.
The court stated that Atiku’s interest in the sought-after discovery outweighs any intrusion on Tinubu’s personal interests in his educational records.
Tinubu’s objections to Gilbert’s recommended ruling were rejected by Maldonado, who then embraced the recommendation in its entirety.
On Monday night, CSU issued a 32-page documents detailing Tinubu’s complete academic history at the university.
View the complete document below:
Nigerians React To President Tinubu Academic Record
Nigerians have taken to social media to react after the Chicago State University (CSU), in a 32-page document sighted online, described Nigeria’s sitting President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as female in some part.
Reacting, many Nigerians pointed out the discrepancies in the document, while others claimed it would still be difficult to unseat President Tinubu.
@InibeheEffiong wrote: “The mistake many are making is to think or assume that the revelations arising from Tinubu’s Chicago State University saga will have impact on the political leaning of their political adversaries.
“Sadly, ours is a country with little or no national consciousness. The prevailing toxic political climate in Nigeria has blinded people beyond redemption. In the present day Nigeria, conscience and morality have been relegated in our public and political life.
“Even if a politician is seen shooting people in broad daylight, many will still find a way to defend the killer politician. Many Nigerians do not really want a country that works for the majority.”
@firstladyship wrote: “The Academic Records released by the Chicago State University, indicated that the “Bola Tinubu” that was admitted, graduated from Government College, Lagos.
“VERDICT: Government College Lagos was founded in 1974. Whoever claimed they graduated from there in 1970 is a FRAUD!”
@von_Bismack wrote: “Breaking: it has been confirmed that the Bola Tinubu that attended CSU was actually a woman. Your president stole a woman’s identity. Ekwensu e romance a mamiwater”
@TheSerahIbrahim wrote: “If we do not get an official statement from APC by tomorrow condemning the forgery and fraud of Tinubu, then each and every person in the APC, working for or with the APC are a bunch of conniving disgraceful cowards. Then it would prove for sure that APC is the Party of the devil himself and Nigeria cannot move anywhere with it.”
@Ohijeme wrote: “They have bought over the media just like they captured the judiciary. Lies and propaganda have started flying, this time we will match them with facts. We cannot continue to live in this lies, no way is TINUBU remaining as the president of nigeria.”
@hardewuzy wrote: “Now this brings us to million dollar question! Who is BOLA AHMED TINUBU??? Do you know how scary this is??? The supposed number 1 of a country is having an identity crisis”
@officialose_007 wrote: “Why Pdp and Labour Party nor approach Court with this evidence before the election…. Now this information is useless to unseat him”
@BOGbadams wrote: “I attended GCL from 1978 to 1981. My Aunty was the Vice-Principal for at least one of those years. I can confirm that I witnessed the graduation of the first set in 1979. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was definitely not among them. By pure coincidence, the late Jide Tinubu was my classmate at Lagos State School of Basic Studies, Agidingbi, Ikeja, opposite Cadbury. I could not possibly have been just 4 years the junior of his father in secondary school, could I?”
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