Civil Society Group Urge EFCC To Pursue Individuals Facilitating Corruption

The Association of Civil Society and Public Interest Organisation in Nigeria (CCSPION) has urged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to enhance its efforts in investigating and apprehending individuals involved in facilitating corruption.
The group emphasized that addressing corruption requires a comprehensive strategy that involves targeting both the actual perpetrators and those who support corrupt practices.
Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja over the weekend, the national coordinator of CCSPION, Abraham Ekokotu, called on the EFCC to expose and hold accountable individuals who have aided and abetted any alleged corrupt practices by the former Central Bank of Nigeria governor.
He said, “We call on the EFCC to remain steadfast in its fight against corruption in Nigeria and proceed to deal with any person who loots or launders, aids or abets another person to launder or loot from the public treasury.”
Also, Ekokotu called on Zamfara State governor, Dauda Lawal, to make clarifications on the alleged name discrepancies on his certificates to ensure proper identification.
“We, of the above-named organization, have found it crucially necessary to raise the alarm on a growing need to unveil the governor of Zamfara State, Dauda Lawal whose documents bear several pseudo names leaving the people in confusion, in dilemma, in want of what to call their governor and how best to address him.
“According to available records, Lawal claimed to be born in 1965 and 1969 under different names. He swore to two different affidavits at the Supreme Court of Nigeria where he claimed to be Dauda Muhammed Lawal. In another breath, the same person on other documents is Dauda Ado Lawal.
“Nigerians and the good people of Zamfara State cannot perpetually be deceived or remain in confusion, Lawal owes them a duty based on his Faith, Oath of Office and Moral Rectitude to explain to the world why there are several discrepancies in his documents and how long would he undermine the rules of the game.”
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