Christians in Kaduna Protest For Release of Leah Sharibu, Other Abducted Schoolchildren

On Tuesday, a group of Christians under the banner of Christian Solidarity Worldwide Nigeria held a peaceful protest in Kaduna State to demand the immediate release of Leah Sharibu and other abducted schoolchildren still held by bandits and terrorists in northern Nigeria.
The protest, which took place at ECWA Good News Church in the Kaduna State capital, coincided with the 21st birthday of Leah Sharibu, who remains in captivity seven years after her abduction.
Leah Sharibu, along with over 100 female students from the Government Girls Science and Technical College in Dapchi, was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists in 2018.
While most of the abducted girls have since been released, Sharibu remains in captivity, allegedly because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.
The convener of the protest, Reverend Yunusa Nmadu, highlighted the symbolic significance of commemorating Sharibu’s birthday while calling attention to the ongoing plight of abducted schoolchildren.
He urged the government to take decisive action to rescue these individuals and address the broader issue of insecurity in the country.
“We have all come out to commemorate the 21st birthday of Leah Sharibu, who has become the face of this campaign and many other campaigns for safe schoolchildren. We therefore want to wish her a happy birthday even in captivity,” Nmadu stated.
He criticized the government’s perceived inaction and emphasized the need for enhanced security measures.
“Nigeria is ebbing out. Nigeria is dying. We are almost surrendering to insecurity and bandits, kidnappers, and all sorts of evil people in our land. It is time to stop. Our children must go to school. We must stay safe in our homes. Our homes are no longer safe. Our roads are no longer safe. Government must come to terms with what is happening in the country and they must save the lives of the populace.”
Reverend Emmanuel Okunlola, Secretary of the Kaduna State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, also spoke at the protest, appealing for a robust response from the government to protect citizens.
“Nigeria must be protected. Nigeria must be secured. It’s the primary responsibility of the government to protect lives and property,” Okunlola said. He called on both state and federal governments to expedite the rescue of abducted girls to restore peace and security.
The protesters’ message to President Bola Tinubu and other government officials was clear: enhance security, protect schools, and ensure the safe return of all abducted individuals.
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