BUA Group’s Chairman: Cement Price Stays At N3500 In 2024

Alhaji Abdul-Samad Rabiu

Chairman of BUA Group, Alhaji Abdul-Samad Rabiu, has confirmed the company’s dedication to keeping the selling price of cement at N3,500 per bag from January 2024.     

He conveyed this commitment after meeting with President Bola Tinubu at his residence in Lagos, assuring that BUA would strive to maintain accessibility and affordability for customers despite challenges “The set price will remain at N3,500 per bag, which includes the ex-factory price plus VAT. For delivery to customers, the cost varies based on regions due to distances from our factories in Edo and Sokoto states. Delivering cement over long distances from Sokoto to places like Lagos, Adamawa, or Maiduguri incurs different costs,” he explained.

He said that the inauguration of the cement company site in Sokoto scheduled for January 2024 aims to expand the market nationwide.

“We anticipate a combined annual production volume of about six million tonnes from these sites, which we expect to significantly impact the market. While facing some challenges, we are actively working to address and resolve them,” Rabiu stated.

In reference to his visit to the President, Rabiu expressed delight in conveying his Christmas and New Year greetings. He observed the President’s calm and rejuvenated demeanor, stating, “It’s always satisfying to see them in a relaxed state, and I’m pleased to say that His Excellency appeared relaxed, well-rested, and in good spirits.”


NAN/Ada Peter
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