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Boeing CEO to Address Safety Concerns in Senate Hearing After Mid-Air Emergency

Boeing’s CEO Dave Calhoun is set to testify before US lawmakers on Tuesday, addressing concerns about the company’s safety culture following a mid-air emergency in January.

In his prepared remarks for the Senate subcommittee hearing, Calhoun acknowledges, “Our culture is far from perfect, but we are taking action and making progress. We understand the gravity.”

This comes after an incident where an unused door fell off a brand new 737 Max plane during an Alaska Airlines flight, creating a gaping hole in its side.

As part of an ongoing investigation, Boeing whistleblowers revealed to the Senate in April that the 737 Max, the 787 Dreamliner, and the 777 models had significant production issues. Concerns about Boeing’s safety and quality control practices are longstanding.

The company faced intense scrutiny five years ago following two fatal crashes involving 737 Max aircraft, resulting in 346 deaths.

Calhoun is also expected to apologize to the families affected by these tragedies. This will be his first testimony before the panel as Boeing’s chief executive.

“We are deeply sorry for your losses,” his prepared statement reads. “Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who step on board our airplanes.”


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