Bishop Kukah Criticizes Palliative Distribution, Calls for Comprehensive Government Intervention

Bishop Matthew Kukah has raised concerns about the distribution of palliatives to Nigerians amid the prevailing economic challenges in the country.
The government’s recent policy decisions, including the floating of the naira and the removal of fuel subsidy, have contributed to soaring inflation levels and a surge in the cost of living.
Various levels of government have implemented palliative measures, such as the distribution of food items to vulnerable populations, in an effort to alleviate hardship.
However, Bishop Kukah, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, argues that such initiatives are undignified and advocates for more effective government interventions to address the nation’s pressing issues.
In an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Bishop Kukah emphasized the need for a comprehensive government program to move beyond reliance on handouts, particularly in times of peace.
“I think it is the height of indignity to see Nigerians lining up every day under the sun and waiting to collect bags of rice which probably never come not because money has not been given but because everybody who gives out money in Nigeria from the Federal Government knows that a good part of this money is always stolen. Nigerians are not looking for handouts.”
”There is a feeling that at the top there is no political will…I believe the Nigerian military is pretty well-equipped. The question we should ask ourselves is why fighting insecurity has been so much
He suggests the Federal Government should tackle insecurity to fix the situation.
“Ordinary farmers just want to go back to their farms. People just want to be able to get back to their lives. Ending insecurity is the beginning of this healing and a decisive programme and plan to end is the beginning of the healing,” Bishop Kukah insists.
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