Binance Stands Firm on Allegations of Bribery by Nigerian Officials

Binance, the cryptocurrency platform, has reiterated its assertion that certain Nigerian officials demanded a sum of money from them to resolve their case with the Nigerian government.
Responding to calls for the disclosure of the individuals behind the alleged bribery attempt, Binance maintained its position while addressing demands for clarity on the issue.
In an email communication to, the platform expressed dissatisfaction with being omitted from the reporting process by Bloomberg, stressing the importance of accurate and balanced reporting.
“We wanted to flag some incorrect information in the article and have contacted Bloomberg for a correction.
“We were not contacted for comment by Bloomberg, and we believe it is important for your articles to be updated to fairly reflect this,” the company said.
Binance doubled down on its earlier stance that it was asked to pay a certain sum to clear its case with the Nigerian government.
“We stand behind what we said in our blog,” they maintained.
Further clarifying their stance, Binance clarified that they did not explicitly mention “bribe” in their blog post, attributing any such terminology to The New York Times article.
“We would also like to highlight strictly on background that in the blog post, we did not mention a “bribe” or reference any specific amount. If anything, that should be attributed to the New York Times article,” the platform explained.
According to Binance, their representatives were unexpectedly detained by the Nigerian government during what was purported to be collaborative policy discussions.
“To invite a company’s mid-level employees for collaborative policy meetings, only to detain them, has set a dangerous new precedent for all companies worldwide.
“It is important to note that Tigran did not go to Nigeria as a “decision-maker” nor “a negotiator.” He was merely acting as a functional expert in financial crime and capacity building in policy discussions,” the firm said.
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