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Biden Pushes Back At Special Counsel, Affirming Unimpaired Memory

President Joe Biden vehemently responded to an investigation alleging mishandling of classified files and memory lapses, asserting, “My memory is fine.” The report, conducted by Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur, accused Biden of improper retention and disclosure of classified documents.

DOJ the cluttered garage where the docs were found

Biden emotionally defended his memory when questioned about his son’s death, criticizing the inquiry’s intrusion into personal grief. The investigation highlighted Biden’s limitations in recalling key events, including his son’s passing and his tenure as vice president.

DOJ Mr Biden's notebooks were also recovered from his Delaware home office

Despite the scrutiny, Biden asserted his competency and refuted claims of memory decline. The report, while critical, acknowledged difficulties in convicting Biden due to his sympathetic portrayal to a jury.

The incident has raised concerns about Biden’s age and mental acuity among voters, prompting him to reaffirm his qualification for office. Meanwhile, the report distinguishes Biden’s case from former President Donald Trump’s, who faces separate charges of mishandling classified documents. Trump called for the dismissal of his trial, urging unity and healing for the nation.

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