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Biden and Trump Set to Face Off in 2020 Election Rematch

Both current US President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, have surpassed the delegate thresholds required to secure their respective parties’ nominations for the upcoming November election.

Following primaries in four states, one American territory, and among Democrats living abroad on Tuesday, the outcome sets the stage for a rematch of the 2020 presidential election in eight months’ time.

The formal nominations will be solidified at the party conventions scheduled for this summer.

In response to the news, the 81-year-old President expressed his gratitude on Tuesday evening, stating that he felt “honored” by the support for his re-election bid, particularly in a time where he perceives the threat posed by Trump to be greater than ever.

Highlighting encouraging economic indicators, he declared that the United States was experiencing a resurgence but cautioned against threats to its democratic principles, including efforts to enact abortion restrictions and reduce social programs.

In a statement released by his campaign, Mr. Biden expressed confidence that the American people would opt to propel the nation forward.

Benefiting from incumbency, Mr. Biden enjoyed a built-in advantage, facing no significant contenders for the Democratic nomination. Despite lingering concerns among voters regarding his age and its potential impact on his presidential duties, the party apparatus staunchly supported him.

In contrast, Mr. Trump, aged 77, maintains strong popularity among the Republican voter base, securing victories in numerous primaries despite facing well-financed opponents.

His campaign for a second term in the White House has prioritized stringent immigration policies, emphasizing commitments to “seal the border” and achieve “record-setting” deportations.

Mr. Trump has additionally pledged to combat crime, enhance domestic energy production, impose tariffs on foreign imports, resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and reintroduce an “America first” stance in global affairs.

The outcomes from Tuesday night are unsurprising, given that both candidates have consistently emerged as frontrunners in their respective races.

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