Abuja Abduction Turns Tragic, One Sister Killed, Five Remain Captive

Outrage surfaces following the killing of one among six siblings abducted by bandits in Abuja on Tuesday night. 
Alhaji Mansoor Al-Kadriyar and his six children were kidnapped from their residence at Zuma 1, on the outskirts of Bwari town in Abuja.
After releasing the father, the captors demanded a ransom of N60 million, for the release of his daughters on or before last Friday.
They later raised the ransom to N100 million which they insisted must be paid by Wednesday.
Tragically, Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, a 400-level student of Biological Science, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, was killed by the bandits on Friday, while her five sisters, including Najeebah, a 500-level Quantity Surveying student and Nadherah, 300-level Zoology student, are still in captivity. The family did not provide three other ladies’ names.
Nabeeha, whose body was dumped at Idah junction, located along Bwari-Jere road at Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State, was buried at Bwari, Abuja, on Saturday amid tears by family members and sympathisers.
Despite efforts to negotiate with the bandits, who rejected the initial ransom, the family faces a dire situation. The bandits warned of further harm if the increased ransom is not paid by the next deadline on Wednesday.
An uncle of the victims, who simply identified himself as Sherifdeen, told Daily Trust yesterday, that the family also found bodies of three other kidnap victims who could not be identified.
He stated, “On Friday, which was the day the deadline they (the bandits) gave us lapsed, they called and we tried to plead and negotiate with them that we were only able to raise close to N30 million. After back and forth, they instructed us to come and receive a ‘message’ at a location in the night.
“But when we got there around 10pm, what we saw was shocking. Nabeeha and three other victims were brutally murdered and we had to go with our corpse and leave the other three bodies there who might also be victims of a failed negotiation because we believe their people are also coming for them.
“They later called and warned that they would be killing the rest of our daughters if the ransom, which they had increased to N100 million, N20 million each for the five ladies remaining, is not paid on the next deadline on Wednesday.
“They rejected the close to N30 million that we took to them. They were furious and they threatened us so much that we were even pleading with them for N65 million or N70 million which we don’t even have”, he further disclosed.
Various figures, including Atiku Abubakar, Isa Pantami, Shehu Sani, and Bukola Saraki, have condemned the incident, urging action to rescue the captives.
Atiku who commented on his official “X” handle yesterday, said: “I am saddened by reports of the brutal murder of Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, who was abducted with her siblings and has been in the custody of their abductors for almost two weeks.
“This is yet another reminder that kidnappers and bandits are operating unhindered in our country.
“The security architecture needs to be rejigged to the extent that it stems from the free rein of criminal elements and guarantees the safety of lives and property.
“The security agencies should step up action to rescue the rest who are still in the custody of the kidnappers”, he wrote.
Pantami also wrote on his verified “X” page: “Inna lil Laahi wa inna ilaiHi Raajiun! I just read about the killing of our daughter Nabeeha (400 level, ABU). I also spoke with her father about the remaining 5 of our kidnapped daughters. May Allah forgive her, rescue others & bring absolute peace in Nigeria #Najeebahandhersisters.”
Shehu Sani said: “The gruesome murder of Nabeeeha Al-Kadriyar is a condemnable act of evil before our very eyes. Her death was an avoidable tragedy. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. The deterioration of security within the federal capital should be a matter of urgent concern to our security services. May her soul rest in peace. Amin.”
A citizen, on his X handle, @lilinbaba, said: “It is with great displeasure and discontentment we received the passing of Nabeeha. This reoccurring tragedy of endless kidnapping in the north needs to stop. I’m urging our security officers to double their efforts in fighting these criminal syndicates. May her soul rest in peace.”
Saraki, in a statement, said: “No family should ever have to face such an impossible choice—to pay a ransom that cripples their lives or face the unthinkable consequences”.
He urged the authorities to work tirelessly to ensure the safe and swift return of the remaining children.
“Every effort must be made to bring these perpetrators to justice. Our security agencies must be empowered with the resources and training necessary to effectively combat these criminal elements”, Saraki said.
Pantami’s Friend Raises N50m Ransom for Nabeeha’s Sisters
Pantami yesterday announced that N50 million ransom had been raised for release of Nabeeha’s five sisters.
The former minister said he spoke with “a friend and a brother” who wanted to pay N50 million from the ransom demanded by the criminals.
He wrote, “Alhamdu lil Laah! I am personally not in support of paying ransom to criminals. However, since it becomes clear, we lost our daughter, Nabeeha, yesterday and the 5 remaining daughters have been threatened, as I spoke with the father on the matter yesterday and today.
“Furthermore, I spoke with a friend and a brother who offered to pay the remaining N50 million of the N60m immediately. I conveyed the account number of the father of our daughters, Mansoor Al-Kadriyar, to the friend and brother to send the money directly. Any additional amount earlier generated from yesterday, the father can use to treat the daughters and other family members, in sha Allah.”
The ex-minister also condoled with the family of the slain student and prayed for the departed soul to be rewarded with paradise.
Meanwhile, Police spokesperson Olumuyiwa Adejobi assured ongoing efforts to rescue the victims while keeping specific details confidential to safeguard operations. The situation continues to evoke widespread concern and calls for urgent action to address the rising insecurity in the country.
Ada Peter
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