Australia Protests Surge in Violence Against Women, Calls for Stricter Laws

Protests have swept across Australia in response to a recent surge in violence against women, with demonstrators demanding urgent action to address gender-based violence and calling for stricter laws to prevent it.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese acknowledged the gravity of the situation, describing it as a national crisis. The rallies come amidst a disturbing trend where, on average, a woman has been killed every four days in Australia this year.

Organizers, such as Martina Ferrara, emphasized the need for comprehensive solutions, including the declaration of gender-based violence as a national emergency. They called for the implementation of alternative reporting options for victim survivors to empower them in their healing and reporting journey.

Australians call for tougher laws on violence against women after killings

Addressing a massive gathering in Canberra, Mr. Albanese conceded that governments at all levels must do more to address the issue effectively. The demonstrations underscore a growing public demand for immediate and decisive action to combat violence against women.

“We need to overhaul culture, attitudes, the legal system, and the approach by all levels of government,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese emphasized.

“It’s not solely the responsibility of women; men must also change their behavior,” he added.

While responding to demands for violence against women to be declared a national emergency, Albanese noted that such a classification is typically reserved for natural disasters like floods or bushfires to facilitate immediate financial aid.

“We don’t just need a short-term solution; we require a sustained effort over weeks, months, and years to tackle this issue seriously,” he stressed.

His remarks elicited a mix of reactions from the crowd, with both heckles and cheers.

However, Australia’s federal attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, has dismissed calls for a royal commission into gender-based violence.

Albanese has consistently referred to gender-based violence as an epidemic, although it’s not a new issue. In 2021, nationwide marches were held in response to allegations of sexual misconduct within the government.


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