Atiku Give Condition To Drop Case Against President Tinubu

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) nominee for president in the 2023 elections, has given the condition under which he would drop his case against President Bola Tinubu.
Atiku said that he will only “drop” his case against Tinubu after the Supreme Court judgement during a World Press Conference on Thursday in Abuja.
The former vice president reaffirmed his intention to drop the case against President Tinibu only after the supreme court’s judgment.
He said: “I have already filed my appeal against him at the Supreme Court. It is only when the court rules that he is right that I will drop this fight; in other words, I will drop this fight when the court rules because there is no court higher than the Supreme Court.”
Asked if he was under pressure from Tinubu to drop the case, Atiku said after the election, he learned that a delegation of governors were sent by the president to reach out to him.
The PDP presidential candidate said he didn’t even allow the delegation into his house and refused to give them an audience.
“I didn’t even let come to my house,” he said.
Atiku continued by saying that he was not afraid that the Tinubu administration would pursue his business interests and described how the license of Intels, a logistics firm he co-owned, was revoked under former President Muhammadu Buhari administration.
Ada Peter
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