Atiku Abubakar Advocates for Protection of Traditional Institutions in Nigeria

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has called for the preservation of traditional institutions as integral components of Nigeria’s governance structures.
This comes amid concerns raised by the Emirate tussle in Kano and similar issues in the Sokoto Sultanate.
In a post on his X account on Tuesday, Atiku emphasized the need to protect traditional institutions from the “arbitrariness” of some state governments. He stated, “Recent developments in the country have seen a growing tendency of state governments exerting influence in distorting the modalities of enthroning traditional stools. It is a reality that stares us in the face from every corner of the country.”
Atiku acknowledged that while traditional rulership falls under the jurisdiction of state governments via local authorities, these institutions are crucial to Nigeria’s governance structure. He warned that instability in the ascension of traditional rulers could lead to difficulties in maintaining peace and order in communities.
“Although our constitution, in its current format, does not ascribe any recognition to traditional institutions, our experiences show clearly that they perform enormous roles in the economic life of their domains, as well as maintenance of peace and security in communities,” he added.
Atiku reminded that traditional institutions governed well before the colonial era and should be protected and preserved, not destroyed. He advocated for constitutional reform to recognize traditional institutions and define their responsibilities, highlighting their importance in combating terrorism and security challenges at the local level.
He concluded by urging state governors to respect traditional institutions, stating, “The customs that our traditional rulers represent are the totality of our heritage as a people.”
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