Arrest Warrant Issued for NYC’s Worst Landlord: Daniel Obhebshalom

A landlord repeatedly recognized as the worst in New York City is now subject to an arrest warrant. The Department of Housing and Development in the city issued the warrant for Daniel Obhebshalom, citing contempt of court for his failure to address issues raised during a hearing over a year ago.

Photographs depicting the deplorable conditions of buildings owned by Obhebshalom reveal crumbling walls, ceilings in disrepair, and stairwells filled with trash.

In the previous year, city officials, alongside residents, publicly criticized the landlord and the more than 700 open violations associated with his properties.

For four-year-old Blake Rodriguez, residing in a building owned by such a negligent landlord underscores the potential dangers of life in such conditions.

“Out of nowhere, I heard him scream,” recounted his mother, Yodanlys. “Upon entering the room, I discovered the ceiling had collapsed, fortunately resulting in only a minor injury as it struck his head.”

However, collapsing ceilings are merely one facet of the problem.

NYC's 'worst landlord' wanted for arrest over 700 open violations including  mold, roaches and lead paint

From the vantage point of the third floor, one is confronted with a thriving yet deplorable ecosystem. Rats roam freely, as Eyewitness News encountered a few near 709 W. 170th Street on Monday night.

“It has been somewhat of a nightmare over the past few years,” shared Rodriguez.

Rats assertively guard the accumulating trash in the alley and along the curb, treating it as their own domain.

The ownership of buildings at 705 and 709 West 170th Street lies with Obhebshalom, who the city has labeled as the worst landlord in New York.”

Last year marked his second consecutive appearance at the top of the worst landlord list.

The deplorable conditions in both buildings and Obhebshalom’s reluctance to address repairs led the city to issue an arrest warrant for him on Monday.

Upon apprehension, he will serve a 60-day jail sentence—a development eagerly awaited by long-suffering tenants.

“They would deduct the rent directly from our bank accounts each month,” revealed Loyda Irizarry, a resident. “Yet, we’d endure five days without heat every week, and there was a perpetual lack of hot water.”

The Public Advocate’s Office commented on the arrest warrant, emphasizing that it serves as “a clear signal to the most negligent landlords in our city that severe consequences will follow severe negligence.”

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