“APC Dead In Oyo,” Says Governor Makinde

Seyi Makinde

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, yesterday, criticized the All Progressives Congress, APC in the state, declaring the political agenda and candidates of the party dead on arrival as far as the state was concerned.

The governor, in a statement by PDP’s Publicity Secretary in the state, Akeem Olatunji, depicted Oyo APC as not only laughable, but also devoid of any atom of shame, empathy, and remorse for the pain, emotional and psychological trauma caused the people of the state for eight interrupted years. The reaction came on the heels of APC’s statement by its state publicity secretary, Olawale Sadare, saying the opposition’s desperation to take over the state was being fuelled by a lack of access to the state coffers.

The statement reads: “If Makinde was at the very least power drunk as shamefully alleged by our noisy neighbors, many of its members would have been languishing in jail by now. Governor Makinde, a peaceful and peace-loving person epitomized, has remained calm even in the face of unprovoked verbal assaults and vituperative remarks from the APC in the state against his person and personality outside of government. “Could any opposition party member or members dare half of what APC is recklessly doing now with its government between 2011 and 2019? But we believe this is the beauty of democracy.

“It was on record how the then APC governor publicly bullied retirees and pensioners who demanded what rightfully belonged to them and even compared them with dead people, it was also on record how the APC government despite its monumental failure in education shamefully disgraced itself while engaging in a needless face-off with protesting LAUTECH students after over two whole years of being on strike.”



Ada Peter

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