Anambra Flood: Victims Lament Poor Holding Camp Condition, Hunger, Disease

Flood victims in Anambra State

Flood victims in Anambra State’s internally displaced camps are complaining about the poor conditions of the holding camps.

It has been nearly two weeks since they moved into the designated camps, and supervising agencies such as the National Emergency Management Agency and the State Emergency Management Agency have yet to bring food, forcing them to feed once a day through individual donations, according to the PUNCH.

Aside from hunger, the victims claim to be plagued by mosquito bites every night.

It was observed that the over 2,000 people were making use of only two convenience rooms with no borehole or arrangement for tankers to bring water for them. Some of the camps at Umuoba Anam in Anambra East Local Government Area, and CDC Umueri on Tuesday, observed that pregnant women and children as well as aged people slept on bare floors in the makeshift camps – a school block converted to holding camps, accommodating over 2,000 people, with broken windows, no mosquito nets, no source of water, no electricity or generating set.

A member of the IDPs in Umuoba Anam in Anambra East Local Government Area, identified as Mr. Emmanuel Okonkwor, expressed sadness over their condition, saying that they were yet to receive anything from the government or agency, except from individuals who brought money, which they used to buy condiments, kerosene, and firewood to make the food that people eat once a day.

Two victims from Anambra West, Mrs Philomena Ekwealor from Mmiata-Aban and Mrs Grace Ikem from Umueze Anam, appealed for urgent government assistance, especially in the provision of food and medical supplies, to avoid another record of death in the camps.

The camp coordinator in Umuoba Anam, Mr. Nonso Anizor, while confirming the pathetic situation, appealed to the government to urgently come to their rescue before an outbreak occurs in the area.

According to Anizor, the local government chairman had brought 30 foams and some food items, which he said were what the 2,750 people had been using.

“We have only three toilets for the 2,750 flood victims here; no water; no generator; no mosquito net; no public power supply; we put candle light for them at night,” he added.

The female President-General, Enugu-Otu Aguleri, Mrs. Juliana Iwuno, said it has not been easy in terms of food and shelter for them, noting that “Even the food stuff people are bringing, sharing it has been a very big problem for us. When you have about 1,000 people for one bag of rice, it’s not easy at all.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Onyeka Ibezim, Deputy Governor of Anambra State and Chairman of the Committee on Flood, thanked churches and private individuals for donating items for flood victims at various camps, while recalling that this year’s flood was overwhelming.

“The governor has been coming for their intervention. When it comes to medicals, drugs, and other issues, I can say that these are challenges that we face in real time.” The deputy governor said.

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