Alleviate Economic Hardships Dagogo Urges Tinubu

Former House of Representatives member Hon. Farah Dagogo has called on President Bola Tinubu’s administration to implement effective economic policies to alleviate the widespread suffering of Nigerians.
Dagogo described the current living conditions as “grim” and warned that indicators point to “further pains for the citizenry.”
In a Sallah message to Muslim faithful across the country, Dagogo expressed concern over the nation’s economic situation despite its abundant natural resources. He highlighted the drastic reduction in people’s purchasing power, noting that hyperinflation has reached unprecedented levels, even worse than during the civil war.
“Today, yesterday, and especially in the past year, the people’s purchasing powers have reduced drastically. Never has this country witnessed this level of hyperinflation in its history, not even during our civil war. It is a grim reality,” Dagogo stated.
He compared the value of ₦40,000 in 2015 to over ₦500,000 in 2024, emphasizing the severe depreciation of the naira. He noted that the costs of goods and services have skyrocketed while wages have not kept pace, leading to a significant decline in living standards.
“Anti-people and inhuman economic policies have helped put the people in a terrible state. Money that could comfortably procure over 10 bags of 50kg rice in 2015 can only buy one now, yet no improvement in the real money in the hands of the people,” he added.
Dagogo urged the government to address these hardships urgently, warning that current trends indicate further suffering for the populace.
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