Tinubu’s Govt Initiate Compilation Of New Ambassadors’ List

The Federal Government, under the leadership of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has initiated the compilation of a new list of ambassadors following the recall of all Nigerian ambassadors, both career and non-career. 
These recalled diplomats were instructed to return to the country by October 31, 2023.
Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, reportedly conveyed this recall to the envoys.
While some ambassadors have already returned, a majority who are still abroad have formally handed over to their senior officers, working on finalizing travel arrangements to comply with the directive.
An anonymous envoy clarified that not all ambassadors could meet the deadline, emphasizing that they were not intentionally violating the regulations.
He stated, “Each mission (embassy/high commission) has its peculiar condition. It is, therefore, not possible for all ambassadors to meet the deadline.
“This is not to say that those who could not return before the deadline have gone against the presidential directive. There is that understanding, following general recall of ambassadors every four years.
“I am one of those that have yet to return, and the reason why I am still here is because of some circumstances that require attention from me for a little more time. I am ready to depart soonest.”
Another ambassador in one of the European countries told The PUNCH that his delay in the country was due to unforeseen circumstances, adding, “I am substantially in compliance with the October 31st deadline.”
It was gathered that the Presidency had started compiling names of new ambassadors that would represent Nigeria in different countries.
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