Investigation Update: New Body Parts Discovered in Long Island Park

Additional body parts were discovered on Tuesday, including in Bethpage State Park, as detectives interrogate multiple individuals in connection with the deaths of a man and a woman found in a Long Island park last week.

Human remains have now been located in three distinct locations across Suffolk County, and authorities confirm that they pertain to the same male and female victims.

The victims, suspected to be a 59-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man, are believed to have resided together in Yonkers, and their deaths are potentially linked to a domestic dispute.

Detectives are currently interviewing four individuals who were present in an Amityville residence when Suffolk police executed a search warrant on Monday night. At least two arrests are thought to have been made.

Residents in the Amityville neighborhood, near the individuals taken into custody, are seeking answers and wondering if any of the heinous crimes occurred in their vicinity.

“Very alarming. I mean, I’m not frightened personally, but I’m concerned for their neighbors,” expressed Amityville resident Bill Seiman.

Several hours later, law enforcement uncovered an additional body part in Bethpage State Park, thought to be connected to those previously found in Southard Pond Park in Babylon. Additional human remains were also located in a wooded area in West Babylon on Tuesday.

“It’s shocking,” remarked a West Babylon resident in response to the discovery. “Very shocking.”

The remains discovered on Tuesday are believed to be connected to the same victims from the initial discovery on February 29.

“It’s crazy,” commented Jahron Causey, a resident living across the street from the woods in West Babylon. “Someone over here just told me. I was taken back for sure.”

The Suffolk County Medical Examiner had previously reported the discovery of a female head, right upper leg, left leg from the knee down, right arm, and two male arms.

The gruesome findings unfolded on Thursday morning when a group of teenagers, walking near Babylon Memorial Grade School, stumbled upon a severed arm on the side of the road at the edge of Southard Pond Park. Subsequent police searches revealed a second arm about 20 feet from the initial discovery, both presumed to belong to a man.

As the search expanded throughout Thursday afternoon and into the night, a cadaver dog uncovered a woman’s leg, arm, and head on the opposite side of the park, near Babylon Elementary School.

During a press conference on Friday morning, detectives indicated that the condition of the remains suggested they had not been in the park for an extended period—perhaps just a few days or even hours.

Authorities have not disclosed the identities of the victims or those individuals taken into custody.

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