Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage During Rally After Assassination Attempt

During an election rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Donald Trump was hurried off stage following an assassination attempt on the former president. Secret Service agents quickly surrounded Trump, ducking behind the podium. Blood was visible on Trump’s right ear as agents escorted him off the stage and into a waiting vehicle to swiftly remove […]

Clooney’s Critique and Democratic Defections Rock Biden’s Re-election Bid

The most devastating argument against Joe Biden’s re-election bid may have come not from a politician or a pundit, but from a film star. George Clooney, in a stinging New York Times opinion piece, has added his voice to a growing chorus of Democrats questioning the president’s ability to steady his campaign this week – […]

Biden Admits Debate “Bad Episode,” Defends Mental Fitness in Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, President Joe Biden acknowledged that last week’s debate was a “bad episode” but firmly addressed concerns about his age and mental fitness. During the 22-minute conversation, Stephanopoulos repeatedly questioned Biden about his debate performance against Donald Trump, recent reports of frequent lapses, and what measures […]

Growing Criticism of Hamas Emerges in Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict

In a video shared on social media, a visibly distraught man denounced Hamas leadership saying “I am an academic doctor,” he declares. “I had a good life, but we have a filthy [Hamas] leadership. They got used to our bloodshed, may God curse them! They are scum!” The video, unimaginable before the Gaza war, was […]

China Seizes Taiwanese Fishing Boat, Escalating Tensions in Contested Waters

China has announced the seizure of a Taiwanese fishing boat with five crew members aboard for allegedly fishing illegally in its territorial waters on Tuesday night. Taiwan has requested the release of the vessel and the men, which include two Taiwanese and three Indonesians, currently held at Weitou, a port in southeast China. Taiwanese officials […]

Devastating Hurricane Beryl Hits Caribbean: At Least One Dead, Thousands Without Power

At least one person has died following the landfall of Hurricane Beryl across several Caribbean countries. Thousands remain without power or are in temporary shelters in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, and St Lucia. Upgraded to a Category 5 storm, Hurricane Beryl is moving west toward Jamaica and is expected to reach southeastern Mexico […]

Bolivian Police Arrest Coup Leader After Soldiers Storm Presidential Palace in La Paz

Bolivian police have arrested the leader behind an apparent attempted coup, just hours after soldiers stormed the presidential palace in La Paz. Hundreds of troops and armored vehicles had surrounded Murillo Square, where key government buildings are located. An armored vehicle breached the main gate of the presidential palace, allowing soldiers to enter, but they […]